Always Focused on the Right Real Estate Strategy

Selling Commercial Real Estate

Why Cap Ex Commercial is the Right Company for You

We have a lot of respect for the big dogs, but most are institutional investors and large corporations, and it’s inefficient for them to move below a certain square footage.

Cap Ex Commercial is set up exactly for your size

Cap Ex Commercial is set up exactly for your size and will help you obtain full value for your property.

We don't work with just anybody.

We work with people who believe in smart money and those trying to get to the next level — whether it’s to create ample funding for retirement, expansion of a business, or working without debt.

Trust the market

To find the correct buyer, assuming it is priced it correctly. How do you know Cap Ex Commercial will price it correctly? Because we’re not just real estate agents, we’re financial experts.

Commercial Real Estate Sales

Five variables determine whether it’s the right time to sell. Are you looking at any of them? Click the button below to contact us and find out what they are.

Biggest Challenges

to Selling a Property

Preparing a commercial property for sale

Having Patience

It takes usually about a week to prepare a package for sale, and every seller inevitably has to deal with a buyer who doesn't know what he's doing until a real buyer comes along.

Good Accounting needed for Commercial real estate transactions

Having Bad Property Accounting

While you're trying to get rid of a property, CapEx Commercial can help manage it, including gathering all the data to prepare it for sale, allowing you to vacate to Florida without having to worry about whether your property is taking care of you.


Maximize Value

The market is the market. Wishful thinking won’t change anything. But, you want to gather as much value out of your building as possible. If there is time, we will recommend repairs that will have a

Gather Financial Information

We'll start with you sending us up to three years of year-end operating statements. We will review property tax returns to tie to your income statements to discover if there's any inconsistency that needs to be resolved.

Understanding Income and Profits, Therefore Value

– Cap Ex Commercial then reviews all rent rolls or tenant leases so that prospective buyers understand what the income and expenses are and what cap rate a buyer can pay.