Always Focused on the Right Real Estate Strategy

Buying Commercial Real Estate

Buying Commercial Real Estate

How does Cap Ex Commercial Make Purchasing a Commercial Property Easy and Affordable For You?

  1. Finding Debt – Getting prequalified by a bank or mortgage company
  2. Finding Equity – Investing other people’s money as if it were your own
  3. We use our experience to help investors look professional with lenders and equity partners through timely preparation
 Commercial Real Estate Investments

How We Help Commercial Real Estate Buyers

You have goals and investment constraints. There’s no sense proposing a deal that doesn’t match them.

You don’t plan on buying a property that’s going to sink you, and we won’t let you.

If you need “10 cash on cash and an 8/5 cap,” that is what we will find you.

Not sure what that means? Check the Glossary of Terms.

When you’re successful, Cap Ex Commercial is successful. When you close the deal, we get paid, usually by the seller


Commercial Real Estate Purchases

What kind of investment property are you considering?

How We Help Buyers and Investors Overcome the Following Problems

Lack of Focus
Lack of Exclusivity
Lack of Confidence
Lack of Resources

Lack of Focus

Imagine owning 10 or 15 properties. Now, what if you could do that in 8-10 years? Cap Ex Commercial helps you narrow down the specifics so you can find the right property to meet your goals. Then you can start to move forward looking for more deals to build your portfolio and your wealth so that you don’t have to keep going to that job.

Lack of Exclusivity

Buyers don’t get to see properties because no one’s looking for properties on their behalf. When we contract with you, we work in your interest right away, every step of the way. We will:

  • Help you find the investor
  • Help you find the loan
  • Help you find the property
  • Help you get a good attorney to write the best contract
  • Help you close a profitable deal

Lack of Confidence

You don’t aggressively go after properties that are available to you or you’re not willing to pull the trigger because you don’t have someone who is knowledgeable and you trust to be by your side through the process. Cap Ex Commercial has the experience to assist you in completing your purchase so that your value is maximized.

Lack of Resources

I have access to a full suite of contractors and vendors who help you turn the property around so you get maximum value from your investments.

Investment Property Types


What’s the right property type? Office, industrial, retail, flex, medical, or condominium building space? We can help you determine the best option to maximize your return.

Find a deal and the money will come.

How does Cap Ex Commercial make purchasing a commercial property easy and affordable? We set you up with the right property for your investment goals, whether it’s

  • Trying to develop a portfolio
  • Build wealth slowly, or
  • Bring in investors