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We have over 20 years experience as a commercial real estate broker, as an investor, and in finance.

Why Cap Ex Commercial?

Work with the Principal

At the giant commercial real estate firms, they don’t want to deal with properties under 200,000 square feet and you will mostly be working with a junior broker. With Cap Ex Commercial you will be working with a broker with 20+ years experience no matter the size of the building

We are Investors Ourselves

We have owned everything from office, retail, industrial and flex space. We have not owned hotels but have done over 2 dozen hotel transactions as well as medical office buildings.

Financial Background

Most commercial real estate brokers have a minimal finance background and most finance people have limited real estate experience. We have both, so we are able to put together deals others can’t and also make them more profitable for you.

We are Independent

We don’t have to worry about our stock price or the demands of a bank, so we can find the best deals for you.

Making Transactions Smooth

Because of our finance expertise, we know how to gather the information from sellers up front to minimize the disturbance while potential purchasers look at your property.

Maximizing Value

Since we know numbers, we can value buildings correctly and proactively make your property look its best before investors get to take a look.

Asset Management

We take all the data and boil it down to the simple metrics you need to effectively manage the property, maximize its value and cash flow and determine capital needs going forward

Maximize How?

We are also a property management firm, so we can tell you which investments in a building will maximize value relative to the cost of making it attractive to buyers. That means maximum outcomes for you!

Fewer Worries, More Money

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Sellers, Is Now the Right Time?

When to sell commercial real estate

When to Sell?

Smart money means knowing when to let go of a property that has completed its service life. Even if you have an attachment to a property, real estate is meant to be a resource to get you to your next goal

common reasons for owners & landlords to sell

Common Reasons to Sell

Get ahead of general economic conditions

  • Achieve personal financial goals
  • Position yourself to buy other things
  • Smoothly manage changes in partnerships
  • Unload assets when someone in ownership dies

(We can act as fiduciaries for estates to help determine the best strategy for the heirs to maximize their results.)